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Home of the Chiefs!

Upcoming Fundraisers:

Mattress Fundraiser is scheduled for August 21st- 

EMW Football & Cheerleading will be hosting a Mattress Sale Fundraiser on Sunday August 21st! If you are considering replacing your current mattress, come out and support the Football Players and Cheerleaders of our community!


DelAureo's Pizza Night: September 19th, 2022! Order from DelAureo's in East Aurora and a part of all sales come back to EMW Football & Cheerleading!

Parents Night Out- September 30, 2022 at Barn Dog Distillery in Marilla! 7:00pm-10:00pm!

Our Goal

To be the best youth Football and Cheerleading organization in terms of athlete enjoyment, athletic knowledge, and youth character building.  We have a balanced strong competitive spirit and strive for excellent athletic performance on the football field and cheer mat. At EMW we seek to balance our competitive spirit with our athletes enjoyment and love of their sport.  We accomplish our goals in a safe, supervised, and organized  manner. We ensure that our program and the welfare of all our athletes are free of adult ambition and personal glory.


EMW Football and Cheerleading EMW Football and Cheerleading  
Address:  P.O. Box 64 Elma NY, 14059  
President: Valerie Taylor Treasurer: James Struzinsky
Email Address Email: